Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Conservative Future Elects a New Executive

To match our new logo we CF members have elected a new executive who will serve for the next nine months.

Mark Clarke is the new CF Chairman. The winning candidates for the National Management Executive are:

Karen Allen
Craig Cox
Ranil Jayawardena
Claire Palmer
Matthew Richardson
Christian Walker


Event round Up

CF Eastern aims to bring together all the events within the region into one easy to search site.

To include your events here and maximise the publicity for your branch events email –


This week in CF

CF.ComLib Dem Conference – No easy ride
-The Coronation battle at the heart of Labour’s conference

CF Radio Guido Fawkes and Recess Monkey the two most notorious bloggers in the UK agreed to be interviewed for CF Radio.

Click here to hear the full interview and the latest edition of ‘Friday Night Live-ish’

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Conservative Future Elections

Conservative Future is going to the polls to decide who will be running CF for the nine months to June 2006.

To see a full list of NME and Chairman candidates and their manifestoes - Click Here

CF Radio has recorded a first for CF! Interviews with all three candidates for Chairman. No matter where you live in the country you can log on and listen to what they have to say – click here

CF Diary is an attempt by Conservative Home to cater for some debate about CF, visit the site to see the debates and more info from the candidates.


This week in CF

CF.Com – The End of Blair – Read more…
- Good or Bad – Population growth – Read more…

CF Diary –Clare Hilley: Sri Lanka - The New Rwandan Crisis?


CF TV – David Cameron in India, Tony Blair’s Farewell Tour in pictures and much more. Click here

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Welcome to CF Eastern's Homepage

Welcome to CF Eastern,the official site for Conservative Future in Eastern England I hope you enjoy browsing the site.

If you are a chairman and would like to post your contact details, links to your branch or area websites, details of upcoming events, photos of past CF events or to communicate better with your members then this site is for you.

Email – for more details.

All chairmen from branch to area are entitled to post on this site. This is a quick way to get online without the fuss and expense of setting up your own individual site. It also allows people to comment on your news. For more info – click here.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Budding Journalist?

Applications are again open for the Copywriting team at www.Conservative

If you are an enthusiastic writer, with some spare time then we want to hear from you.

Contributing a high quality article per fortnight, you can get involved in politics the easy way. Copywriters can also expect to be involved in other CF related projects such as CF TV - - and much more.

Anybody under-30 with time to spare (and a good internet connection) can get involved. The workload isn't too punishing, but writers should be able to commit to regular contributions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact: to request an application form, closes 5th July


This week on

Two different opinions from Conservative Future writers:

Are Britain’s courts a soft touch? Click Here

American Right-winger? – Ann Coulter brings a strange new meaning to factional politics in the US

Picture: Ann Coulter on the cover of Time magazine

Other external links of interest

Ann Coulter – did she beat Paxman? – BBC News

21 Jun 2006

Thursday, June 08, 2006


It’s here…

The conservativefuturetv.blogspot project is now up and running
To find out more check out the news story on the CF main site – click here

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Volunteers Wanted

Internet Savvy?

Volunteers Wanted for the soon to be announced 'CF Net' network of regional websites.

If you can spare an hour or so per week, have some experience of working with websites (HTML would be preferable but any experience would be useful) then we want to here from you.

The work will require moderating the regional sites and some basic work with design. If you are interested contact

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Women and 21st Century Politics Parliamentary Reception

Date: Thursday 22 June Time: 7pm

Location: Members Dining Room

Come join CF and the Conservative Women's Organisation at a joint Parliamentary Reception in the Member's Dining Room on 22 June. Tickets are priced at £20.

Please contact to appply for tickets.


Does Democracy Need Elections? - Essay competition

For a long time it has been noticed that young people aren't voting and the recent local elections were no exception. Despite the massive increase in youth engagement initiatives and the introduction of citizenship education, young people continue to be alienated from formal politics and elections.

However, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that young people are as political as ever, if not more so. But instead of joining political parties and voting, they are joining pressure groups and single-issue campaigns like Make Poverty History and the anti-tuition fees lobby. The recent POWER Report investigating the state of British democracy claimed that the way we are doing politics is killing politics. Are we moving into a new type of democracy? Can we have a democracy without elections? Should we, or how can we, restore the importance of elections as the way in which we make our voice heard?

The Make Votes Count Coalition and X-Change @ Electoral Reform Society have launched an essay competition inviting young people to have their say in the debate about making democracy more modern. We'd like young people to write an essay between 1000 and 1500 words, on the title "Does democracy need elections?" The competition is split into two groups, those 18 and under and those aged 19-26. The essays will be judged by a panel including Lord Tyler, a member of the House of Lords, Bano Murtuja, a member of the Power Commission, and a journalist. Winners will have their essays published, as well as receiving either £150 (18 and under) or £250 (19-26). Prizes will also go to runners up. The deadline is Friday 30 June

Send your entries via e-mail to

Send your entries via e-mail to
For more information and news, check out or

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